"I believe that a library outranks any other one thing that a community can do to benefit its people." - Andrew Carnegie

Beloved for generations since it first opened in 1903, the city-owned and operated Carnegie Library was returned to library service September 15, 2009. The Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation, a 501(c)-3 charitable corporation, was founded in 2008 to fund and further enhance library programming, literacy and learning for all ages ... honoring the legacy of its great benefactor, Andrew Carnegie.

Please visit our site and discover how you can become involved as a patron, supporter and advocate of the dynamic, relevant and continually inventive Newnan Carnegie Library!

Stay tuned...Southern Litfest is coming...mark your calendars for a fun-filled weekend, June 5th and 6th, 2015 in Newnan! More detail can be found here: www.southernlitfest.com

For a complete listing of this month's events, visit the Carnegie's calendar page.

Upcoming Events

Many Ways to Count with Greg Roth
10:00 AM | Carnegie Auditorium

The Tallest Tale Ever Told
10:00 AM | Carnegie Auditorium